10" Lion 10" Zebra
10" Lion10" Zebra

10" Plush Lion

Handmade in Indonesia

10" plush zebra

Handmade in Indonisia



12" Giraffe 13" Giraffe Pillow
12" Giraffe13" Giraffe Pillow

12" Plush Giraffe

Handmade in Indonesia

13" printed pillow



13" Lion Pillow 8" Flamingo
13" Lion Pillow8" Flamingo

13" plush pillow

8" Plush Flamingo



8" Lion 8" Ostrich
8" Lion8" Ostrich

8" floppy plush

Handmade in Indonesia

8" plush ostrich



Gigi Giraffe Giraffe Stage Puppet
Gigi GiraffeGiraffe Stage Puppet

8" floppy plush animal

8" LONG 5" WIDE 14" TALL

The Giraffe Stage Puppet features a soft movable mouth and beautiful patterning. Design details include suede-like nose and ears, ultra-soft sculpted plush, and its long signature eyelashes.



Iguana Hand Puppet Lion Stage Puppet
Iguana Hand PuppetLion Stage Puppet

32" LONG 5" WIDE 7" TALL This beautiful green Iguana puppet makes a perfect pet for lizard lovers. Versatile and realistic, you can animate his forked tongue, jaws and front feet. His soft, scaly textured body is fun to touch and will never shed!

6" Long, 4" Wide, 13" tall

The Lion Stage Puppet features an easily animated mouth and operable paws. Design details include textured paw-pads; thread whiskers, molded claws and teeth, soft vintage-look plush and a very expressive personality!



Macaw Hand Puppet Ostrich Stage Puppet
Macaw Hand PuppetOstrich Stage Puppet

5" Long, 7" Wide. 35" tall

Hand enters from under the tail to animate the beak and body.

17" Tall hand puppet



Zebra Stage Puppet
Zebra Stage Puppet

13" tall hand puppet